Our Story

About Captain Athletics

Our Mission:

To inspire every *athlete to strive for optimal balance between mind and body.

All athletes dedicate themselves to building strong and healthy bodies. But a finely-tuned body isn’t enough to form a Captain. It takes a consistent and determined effort to balance the needs of the physical with those of the mind. It takes focus to improve mental stamina and sustain your physical efforts. It takes strength to build a body that will fuel your mind’s potential. It is a balance not of competing forces, but a bond between equals... The ultimate mind/body partnership.

To be a Captain, you need to find that balance between pushing your body and challenging your mind. Between honing your thoughts and building your physique. At Captain Athletics, we’re dedicated to helping every athlete find the sweet spot - where the connection between your mind and body is in total equilibrium. Perfect balance is every Captain’s key to peak performance and leadership!